We don’t have a great logo, but we do have f*ucking great music.

This is our audioplayer.
We know. It looks like a horse.

This is a selection of the best music and tunes we’ve composed in the past year. We took the most interesting parts and compiled them into one big audiofile: 26 songs in 12 minutes.

This is what we do:

Composing music

We are a bunch of experienced composers and producers whose love for the game keeps on growing everyday.
Blablabla... just listen to our music.

Sound design

Ever wondered what it sounds like when lobsters have sex under water?
We use high-end tools and custom-made recordings to make sure you’ll never wonder again.

Post production

We offer the know-how to make every project shine like hell. Our audio engineer combines autism with skills to deliver HQ recordings, edits and mixdowns for your project.


We’re experienced in combining creativity and budget. We bring a solid network of passionate audio professionals so we can provide different options to get the job done.